Incandescent Lights vs. LEDs

Incandescent Lights vs. LEDs

Find out if incandescent or LED lights are best for your holiday light display.

Incandescent holiday lights

Incandescent light bulbs have been the most commonly used holiday lights until recently. These lights produce a broad-spectrum white light, and are colored by coating the glass envelope with a translucent paint which acts as a color filter. While incandescent light sets are less expensive to purchase than similar LED sets, the operating cost is significantly more. The paint on the incandescent bulbs suffer from fading or flaking when exposed to weather.

These lights are quickly losing popularity in favor of LED lights for reasons listed below.  In favor of more cost effective lighting for our customers, we are no longer selling incandescent lights.  



First of all, these holiday lights are gaining popularity largely due to their low energy usage. They use about one tenth the energy used by incandescent bulbs.  As well, they have a very long usage life (up to 40 seasons!) and require minimal maintenance, largely due to the fact that they do not contain fragile filaments.

Colored LEDs produce a more vibrant light and a lot better color than the incandescent lights.  And most appealing is the wide variety of colors to choose from!  

Light Knights uses superior lighting and can guarantee customer satisfaction.  Why not let us look after your holiday lighting needs?

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