A house warmly lit with Christmas lights

Holiday Light Installation Inspiration

Our favorite time of year is here! The holiday season is in full-swing and we’re gradually seeing our neighbourhood light up with Christmas lighting around homes and yards. With so many lighting and decoration options for the outside of your home or commercial property, it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose the right lighting. 

We have shared our 3 favorite ways to brighten up properties this season: 

3 ways to brighten your Vancouver property this Christmas


1. Install lights around your home’s exterior

The structure of our properties often lends itself to great hanging opportunities for Christmas lighting. It’s surprising how some festive lighting can really brighten up your home. Whether you choose colourful lighting or opt for warm white light, there are so many festive lighting options to choose from.

Does your roof seem a bit too high to reach? No problem; we have all of the tools and equipment we need to reach high and awkward places, ensuring your lighting hangs beautifully around your property. 


Christmas light installation for a Vancouver home

2. Brighten your yard with festive lights

Tree lined roads and yards lend themselves to a beautiful forest of light. This simple, yet effective way to brighten up your space is a popular option here in Vancouver, with so much greenery around us. 


Christmas light installation in property trees and yards

3. Welcome guests with your lit-up entrance

Nothing says welcome like a warm-lit entrance to your home or store. This can be a simple string of lighting or a collection of lights combined with decorations. A bright entrance will certainly be an attention-grabber when customers are walking by your store, or put a smile on someone’s face as they walk past your home. It’s the season of spreading the festive spirit after all!


Brighten up your home this Christmas with our festive light installation

Now you have a few ideas of how to brighten your home this holiday season, let’s look at a few lighting options:

Choose Sustainable Lighting

Go green with your lighting; and no we’re not necessarily talking about the light colour, but choosing an eco-friendly lighting option. Here at Light Knights, we are eco-conscious and care for our environment. We use LED lighting and are committed to a recycling program for zero waste, meaning all of our lighting is 100% recyclable. 

Residential and commercial light installations in Vancouver

We supply, install and take down both residential and commercial properties with holiday and event lighting. As a Vancouver based light installation company, we serve areas within the Greater Vancouver Area. 

Get a free quote for light installation at your residential or commercial property. We’re excited to expand our Christmas light family.