Christmas Light Installation – Customization

Light Knights knows that every Christmas Light installation is different, and we’re prepared for that. We offer customized lengths of lights and extension cords to fit your home perfectly with no bulky leftovers.

How do we do this?  We bring in spools of light strand that hold 1000’.  Prior to arriving at your home the crew is given a detailed work order map with the approximate amount of lights required for the job.  Once on site, the crew will start putting the strands together (screwing each light bulb into a socket) and when a gutter line or peak has finished they simply cut the end and if needed put an attachment on the end so that an extension cord can be plugged in and another strand connected.

Each crew also carries spools of extension cords so that when needed the extension cords are a perfect match to the distance required.  No more messy bundles of extension cords left hanging or lying in the garden!

Our last piece of customization offered is the colour of our extension cords, C9 socket strands and our 5mm & C6 strands.

For extension cords we carry the colours White, Green, and Black.

For C9 Christmas light strands we carry White, Green, and Black.  With these colours we can match most client gutters and fascia to hide unsightly cords during the day.

For 5mm and C6 strands we carry White, Green, and Brown.  Why brown?  People love wrapping lights around trunks and brown strands are a perfect complement to this.

Do you have your own design ideas that you would like us to implement into your home’s installation? We love sitting down with our clients to work together and achieve that creative desired outcome. Picture your family’s name written with Christmas lights on your hedge! Whether it be random or specific light patterns, the Light Knights team can deliver results.  Need a little inspiration?  Click here for our Christmas Light photo gallery.


Setting a Christmas Light Timer

Has the power gone out and one of our timers reset?  Or maybe someone accidentally pulled it out and now the timer is reset.  Have no fear!  We created a short video on how to reprogram the timer to ensure you don’t miss a day of enjoying your Christmas Lights.

See the video here:  [youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube]

Have a great day!

Christmas Light Installation Safety

At Light Knights, safety is our number one priority. We have taken extensive steps to ensure teams have the proper equipment and our designers and installers are thoroughly trained. The result is a safe, timely and professional Christmas Light install.


Proper care and careful planning in regards to power sources and electrical flow must be taken for a safe Christmas lighting install. Improper circuit loads can cause overheating and in extreme cases, fires. That’s why our team has been trained in electrical flow and know how many lights can be run off a single power source, and when to use multiple sources.


Additionally, we have trained our staff extensively on the safe and proper use of ladders, ladder arms, fall protection (harnesses, anchor points, etc…) and extension poles.


Some common safety issues to be aware of when having us work on your home or business:


– If power lines are present we must work at a safe working distance of greater than 9’ and for higher power lines, 20’-30’.

– If your home has high peaks and unstable/uneven ground that eliminate the ability to use a ladder, we will have to use fall protection which will increase the cost of installation.  Often times we can make use of trees/shrubs rather than high peaks and still have a fantastic installation.

– For high traffic locations we will use reflective vests, cones, and caution tape to block off working areas.  This will be a slight nuisance for your patrons but a much better option than having liability issues with people walking under working ladders, poles, and lifts.


Have a question regarding our safety procedures?  Click here or call us 1-888-255-4666.