Christmas Light Testimonial of the Year!

We really, really, really love clients who are so thorough with their testimonials!  This is what we love so much about the Christmas Light season!


“Things I loved about how you conducted your business:

– responded to my original inquiry promptly

– provided an estimate quickly

– thorough invoice

–  insured

– stated expectations regarding Christmas lights being checked and/or replaced

– arrived promptly and according to plan

– the installers were polite, friendly, professional and respectful

– the installers did exactly what we asked – amazing since this was our first time with your company (but NOT the last)

– had the tools and supplies that they needed

– left the storage boxes neatly 

– the whole area was neat and clean when they were finished

– invoice matched the quote

– the thank you card was very thoughtful and a lovely gesture of appreciation (so is the draw for the beautiful bottle of red wine)!


Totally impressed – will refer you to anybody that is needing their Christmas lights installed.”


Catherine King, North Vancouver

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