Christmas Lights Year Round

Christmas Lights Year Round

Year-Round Christmas Lights

Since Christmas lights are almost universally meant for indoor and outdoor use, they’re as practical for summertime patio decorations as they are for your house during the holiday season. String them up on a deck or even an unused clothesline as a cheap way to create an inviting atmosphere.  If you are having guests over for drinks or hosting any number of events, lights on the outside area will really help to create warmth and atmosphere. Lights that twinkle are particularly attractive and solar lights are also perfect for using outdoors. There are all sorts of decorative lights you can use, such as lantern lights and those that you intertwine around the trees. Another way to decorate the outside area is to lay some Christmas lights down the pathway to lead the way to your home.

Why not weave lights through an architectural element such as a sphere.  You can then place these in your garden, at your front entry or wherever you would like to like to add a magical effect.  Or you can wind lights around a group of branches and then place them in a large pot.  This looks great by your front entrance.  If you use a dining canopy, you can string lights to give you some illumination as well as warmth and atmosphere.

An easy way to create ambiance is to simply string lights on trees.  Begin at the base of the tree and wind upwards.  It’s a good idea to have the lights plugged in so that you can see the effect you are creating.

These are just a few ways you can utilize Christmas lights year round.  We would love the opportunity to work with you to create a beautiful sanctuary…. it’s what we do!