Year Round Christmas Lighting

Christmas Lighting Year-Round

If you choose to keep your lights up year-round, there are a few important notes than should be taken into account first.

1 – Fading. The weather we experience throughout our 4 seasons takes a toll on holiday lightingand can fade your lights, clips and wire, leaving it appearing old, even when it’s not.

2 – Pests. Leaving lighting up year-round gives that much more chance for those pesky little critters to chew or pull at your lighting. This will incur more costs to you in the long run.

3 – Oxidation. This is a big one. Snow, rain, sun, wind, dry, wet, repeat. You can imagine what this does to electronics and metal. It causes rust. The less time in the West Coast elements the better. Leaving lights up all year drastically reduces their lifespan.

4 – Plastic discoloration. Similar to above, plastics don’t stand up well to constant weather abuse. Over time with rain and sun, plastics (especially clear) will begin to discolor and leave your lights looking prematurely worn.

If you still want to go ahead with leaving your Christmas lights up, consider a few specific areas such as trees, sheds and pergolas.  This will create a nice ambiance for those warm summer evenings.