Attachment Accessories For Your Christmas Lights

Christmas Light Attachment Accessories

There are several different types of clips and attachment accessories for the installation of Christmas lights.  Following are some of the different types of surfaces involved in installation and the best solution for attaching your lights.

Wood & Asphalt Shingles – The “All In One Clip” is the most commonly used and also doubles as a gutter clip.  Biaxial shingle tabs also work and are designed to accommodate C7 and C9 bulbs.

Clay Shingles – Clay Tile Roof Clips.  These clips have ridges built into the clip that help to hold it in place without damaging the tiles.

Roof Ridge Rows – These clips are designed to work with all types of roof ridge rows and work for C7 and C9 sized bulbs.

Gutters – Gutter hooks are available that will attach lights to most gutter types.

Trees and Shrubbery –  Tree clips can be used for installing lights on small tree branches, bushes and shrubs.  For larger branches, you might want to try stainless steel staples.

Flat, smooth surfaces –  Some options available for smooth surfaces include C clips, mini light adhesive clips (for mini lights only) and magnetic clips.

Another option for installing lights on a number of different surfaces is the use of a hot glue gun.  This probably isn’t a good choice for smooth metal surfaces or plastic and painted surfaces.  Make sure to test a small area first.

Using the proper means of installing your lights is no small detail.  Using cheap clips can quickly lead to disaster and a great deal of frustration!  It’s best to find a reputable seller as opposed to heading to the big retail stores.

Light Knights uses quality materials only and can guarantee customer satisfaction.  Why not let us look after your Christmas lights installation this year?