Go Green This Christmas

Go Green This Christmas

While Christmas enthusiasts still long for a white Christmas, there is another Yuletide shade that is gaining in popularity……..green!

Environmental consciousness is becoming a topic of keen interest to people around the globe. More people than ever before are acknowledging that this planet is the only place we have to live, and it’s in our best interest to care for it. This new shift in environmental awareness has affected what we eat, what products we buy, and overall, how we live. This new desire to go green has had an impact on the ways in which we choose to celebrate Christmas.

Want to know just some of the ways that Light Knights Lighting is working to help you enjoy a green Christmas?

LED lights

We use LED lights exclusively and while there are many benefits that LED technology provides to consumers, in green terms, the most important one is probably energy efficiency.  For more information on how you can benefit from using LED lights, check out our blog discussion dated August 26th, 2014.


Did you know that the holiday lighting we use is 100% recyclable? It’s true, as we care about our environment just as much as you. The last thing we all want is more reusable materials in our landfills. So, if it’s time for new lights for your home, we will take away the old ones to be properly broken down and recycled. The copper gets salvaged and reused, plastic is melted and reused and the glass is as well. Everybody wins!


Eco-consciousness is a good thing. The more that people are concerned about the health of our planet, the better off all of us will be. At Light Knights Lighting we’re doing everything we can to assure that our products and packaging are as eco-friendly as possible.