How To Install Christmas Lights

We often have clients ask “How Do You Attach Those Darn Things?”  So here we go:


Holiday Christmas lights are installed by a variety of methods, most commonly with gutter clips and staples. We use professional grade clips to ensure a clean and proper fit that keeps lights straight and held in place through changing weather. Our clips are designed and installed with care to protect your home from unnecessary damage.

When installing lights on trees, our first priority is care and longevity of those trees. The nice thing about most of their branch structures is they are very welcoming to supporting light strands as is, whether installed horizontally or vertically. Between branch structure and light strand installation methods, we typically will not have to use secondary attachments. The exception would be when installing light balls that hang from strong limbs by their respective power cord and/or clear line.


Custom Sizing and Design

Light Knights know that every home and install is different, and we’re prepared for that. We offer customized lengths of lights and extension cords to fit your home perfectly with no bulky leftovers.

Do you have your own design ideas that you would like us to implement into your home’s installation? We love sitting down with our clients to work together and achieve that creative desired outcome. Picture your family’s name written with lights on your hedge! Whether it be random or specific light patterns, the Light Knights team can deliver results.

Contact us today to ensure your lights are installed when you want this year and if you’re looking for more information head on over to our Blog Section.


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