How to Install Christmas Lights on a Tree

So you want to install Christmas Lights on your home or business’s trees.  There are a number of ways to decorate trees and we will discuss each method in detail today.


Among the most popular are what we call globe wraps. This is done by starting at the bottom of the tree and wrapping around it in a horizontal manner, resting the strands on the appropriate branches, with the required amount of slack.  Using a step ladder or extension pole helps to get the strands up tall trees.  Both evergreens and deciduous trees are great for globe wraps.  Deciduous (leaf shedding) trees are perfect for 5mm and C6 lights and Evergreen trees are best suited to C6 lights.  Large Evergreen trees should be wrapped in C7 and C9 Christmas Lights.  Pro Tip:  For large trees use an 18’ extension pole and a thick car washing brush to make the job easier.



Vertical wraps are popular with large evergreen trees and offer a completely different effect. Starting at the top of the tree, anchoring to a strong branch, all strands fall to the base of the tree.  Be sure to space the strands evenly.  These types of installations are best with large bulbs (C7/C9)  Pro Tip:  If you can’t get to the top, don’t worry.  Simply connect the strands at the top and at night no one can see that you’re not reaching the top of the tree!


Trunk and limb wraps can bring deciduous trees to life once the sun sets. This involves tightly wrapping the trunk of the tree and certain limbs with light strings to bring out the tree’s unique shape.  The best lights for this option are 5mm and C6.  Pro Tip:  Do not overlap strands too much or it will take an extremely long time to take down.  Rather, use multiplugs at the base of branch sets and feed off them.



The sky’s the limit when it comes to color combinations and blending.  Some great combinations we recommend:


– Trunk wrap (Warm White) and Globe Wrap (Red)

– Trunk wrap (Warm White) and Globe Wrap (Warm White)

– Double Globe Wrap (Purple and Pure White)

– Double Globe Wrap (Red and Green)


Light Knights also offers custom made Christmas Light balls that are hung from high points in the tree.  When lit up at night they offer a very unique ‘hovering sphere’ effect! We highly suggest them!

Do you have any questions regarding installing Christmas lights?  Get in touch with us through our contact page.

Happy Lighting!

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