It’s All About The Design!

Christmas Light Design Our design team at Light Knights are experts in Christmas lights and décor for both residential and commercial settings, and they love new challenges and opportunities for creative expression. We offer the following decorating options: – Rooftops, roof and gutter lines – Windows, Doors, Archways, Railings, Walls, Pillars, Decks, Garages, Driveways – Trees, […]

Christmas Lights Year Round

Christmas Lights Year Round

Year-Round Christmas Lights Since Christmas lights are almost universally meant for indoor and outdoor use, they’re as practical for summertime patio decorations as they are for your house during the holiday season. String them up on a deck or even an unused clothesline as a cheap way to create an inviting atmosphere.  If you are […]

Top 4 Things You Must Know When Hiring a Christmas Lights Installation Company

Top 4 Tips Hiring A Christmas Lights Installation Company

Hiring A Christmas Lights Installation Company If you are considering hiring a professional light installer this holiday season, here are the top 4 things you must know: Who are the installers at my home?  What is their training? All of our installers go through a rigorous hiring schedule.  By the time we hire them, we […]

Plan Ahead This Christmas

Christmas Light Installation: Plan Ahead This Year It’s seems as if the last holiday season was just here and yet the next one will soon be upon us… how time flies! But for those of us who love Christmas, it can’t come too soon! The most memorable Christmases happen when we’ve planned ahead….when we’ve prepared […]

Christmas Lights FAQs

Christmas Lights FAQs It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just over 3 months away!  If you haven’t already done so, you will want to think about booking a time to have your Christmas lights installed. It is best to have this done early so that you can get maximum enjoyment from this magical time […]

Christmas Enthusiast

The Christmas Enthusiast

The Christmas Enthusiast What is a Christmas Enthusiast you ask?  Simply put, this is someone who spends all year looking forward to the holiday season, with ongoing thoughts of how they can take their lighting and decorating to the next level.  For some, this passion has turned into a year round activity.  They find themselves […]

Help Designing Your Light Display

Help Designing Your Christmas Light Display Every house is different and has it’s own architectural features that can be emphasized. Christmas lights installed in the correct ways can be extremely impactful for your home not only over the holiday season, but year round.  Our design team works with our clients to fulfill their visions as […]

Year Round Christmas Lighting

Christmas Lighting Year-Round If you choose to keep your lights up year-round, there are a few important notes than should be taken into account first. 1 – Fading. The weather we experience throughout our 4 seasons takes a toll on holiday lightingand can fade your lights, clips and wire, leaving it appearing old, even when […]

Recycle Your Christmas Lights

Recycling Your Christmas Lights Let’s go green! Did you know the holiday lighting we use is 100% recyclable? It’s true, and we care about our environment just as much as you. The last thing we all want is more reusable materials in our landfills. So, if it’s time for new lights for your home, we […]

Storing Your Christmas Lights

Storing Your Christmas Lights Our team uses a very specific labeling and layout system to keep your lights in good working order and to stay organized from one season to the next. If you are a first time client, we will make a detailed map of your property and respective labels go with it so […]