Christmas Lights Installation Safety

Christmas Lights Safety We all know that British Columbia’s lower mainland brings ever changing weather conditions, and Light Knights is prepared for this. Our team members are dressed for comfort and ease of use even in the worst weather.  We want our clients to rest assured that their homes and businesses are decorated on schedule […]

FAQ’s About Christmas Lights

Christmas Light FAQs Q: How do you hang Christmas Lights? A: We have many tips and tricks to professionally hanging lights, leaving them straight and    uniform. The most commonly used methods are clips, ties, clear line and staples. Q: How much energy do my lights use? A: This varies per job and amount of lights […]

Other Uses For Christmas Lights – Party Lights

Other Uses For Christmas Lights Christmas lights can easily double as party lights for social events around your home. With such a large variety in shapes, sizes and colors to choose from, the switch is easy. Many of our clients choose to leave their lights up year-round in certain areas such as trees, sheds and […]

Powerful Words

Powerful Words From Our Customers We love testimonials.  They convey a message that we cannot possibly deliver…  We CAN be trusted to perform exceptional lighting services to your home and business. Here is a recent note received into the office: Ryan, I am writing to you because I believe in the strength of a strong […]

4 Steps to Prolong The Life of Your Christmas Lights

How To Make Your Christmas Lights Last Longer Are you tired of throwing out what seems like year old LED Christmas lights?  Are your Christmas Lights looking dim after just one season?  You may have caught what we like to call the “Vancouver Christmas Light Flu”.  The flu you ask?  Yes, and the symptoms are […]

Christmas Light Safety

Our friends at eClean Magazine have put together a great infographic on Christmas Light safety.  Check it out:   Keep safe this Christmas season!  Find out more on our safety procedures and how critical safety is to us here:   Lots of love, Light Knights Lighting

Christmas Light Testimonial of the Year!

We really, really, really love clients who are so thorough with their testimonials!  This is what we love so much about the Christmas Light season!   “Things I loved about how you conducted your business: – responded to my original inquiry promptly – provided an estimate quickly – thorough invoice –  insured – stated expectations […]

Christmas Light Installation – Customization

Light Knights knows that every Christmas Light installation is different, and we’re prepared for that. We offer customized lengths of lights and extension cords to fit your home perfectly with no bulky leftovers. How do we do this?  We bring in spools of light strand that hold 1000’.  Prior to arriving at your home the […]

Setting a Christmas Light Timer

Has the power gone out and one of our timers reset?  Or maybe someone accidentally pulled it out and now the timer is reset.  Have no fear!  We created a short video on how to reprogram the timer to ensure you don’t miss a day of enjoying your Christmas Lights. See the video here:  [youtube […]

Vancouver Christmas Light Installation

Christmas Light Installation Safety

At Light Knights, safety is our number one priority. We have taken extensive steps to ensure teams have the proper equipment and our designers and installers are thoroughly trained. The result is a safe, timely and professional Christmas Light install.   Proper care and careful planning in regards to power sources and electrical flow must […]