Christmas Light Colour Combinations

Christmas Light colour combinations are one of our designers’ favourite tasks. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity here! With countless options of symmetrical or ‘the beauty of randomness’ designs, we can come up with colour combinations that will warm your heart and make your neighbours rethink who they hire to design and […]

Commercial Christmas Light Installation

Commercial Christmas Light Installation

Light Knights is proud to offer Commercial Christmas light installation services. We work with Churches, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Malls and businesses of all shapes and sizes to brighten up their holidays and special events.   Did you know adding lighting to a store front can make a significant impact on holiday business?  Drawing customers into […]

How to Install Christmas Lights on a House

Every house is different and has it’s own architectural features that can be emphasized. Christmas lights installed in the correct ways can be extremely impactful for your home over the holiday season.  Our design team works with our clients to fulfill their visions as well as be there to offer seasoned suggestions. Do you have […]

How to Install Christmas Lights on a Tree

So you want to install Christmas Lights on your home or business’s trees.  There are a number of ways to decorate trees and we will discuss each method in detail today.   Among the most popular are what we call globe wraps. This is done by starting at the bottom of the tree and wrapping […]

LED Christmas Lights – Sizes

Christmas light installation season in Vancouver is around the corner and it can be confusing knowing which bulbs to use on what areas of your home.  Many sizes and shapes of holiday lights are available to consumers today. They vary from 5mm wide angle strings, C6, C7, C9, globe shaped, falling snow LED tubes, all […]

Types of Bulbs – LED Christmas Lights

New technology is constantly having an impact on our Christmas Light installation business and it is great to be a part of an industry that is constantly adapting to what is best for the environment. Clients often ask us “do you have those LEAD lights?”  We always get a chuckle from that and to ease […]

How To Install Christmas Lights

We often have clients ask “How Do You Attach Those Darn Things?”  So here we go:   Holiday Christmas lights are installed by a variety of methods, most commonly with gutter clips and staples. We use professional grade clips to ensure a clean and proper fit that keeps lights straight and held in place through […]

Vancouver Christmas Light Installation

With only a week or so to go before the last lights are up we want to send a big thank you to all of our clients. It has been a great season and we have grown even more than anticipated. Thank you!! If you are still thinking about having your lights put up we […]